Air Position Rolling On Floor Exercise

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Janice uses lying on the floor to create a stronger air position.

Janice will grab a skaters legs and pull getting them to flex. Creating a strong air position.

This is a 2 minute 33 second video lesson.

Categories: , Product Coach: Janice Morgan. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Group, Exercise, Off Ice, Technique.

3 reviews for Air Position Rolling On Floor Exercise

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Interesting approach, but why is the rotation on the floor opposite of the one which would be in the air?

  2. Paul Matheson

    I just asked Janice and she replied that for sure the skater should practice this exercise rolling their same direction as they would turn in the air. Looks like you’ve caught a demonstration for a reverse jumper…. Good eyes!!!!

  3. Rita koen

    Why has he than his left lake cross over right.

  4. Paul Matheson

    This exercise should be done with your proper leg position for rotating in the air, but for balanced strength can be done rolling both ways. Once the skaters roll one way, they can then roll back their dominant turning direction with legs crossed the same way. In most situations Janice would have the skaters rolling their dominant direction with the opposite direction rolling just used for balanced strengthening and to promote that crossed and strong position for the skater!

  5. David Lewis

    I think the main objective here is to simply work on core strength and reveal any weakness you may have in your core. So leg position and rolling direction probably isn’t super critical. That’s just my guess.

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