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In this 3 minute and 59 second video lesson you will learn the butterfly spin take off but you can also use this as a move in your program for GOE or in your step sequence and this very versatile entry can be used into a sit spin a camel or an upright position.

Most skaters say this is the hardest spin to learn but the easiest to execute when you get it right.  You will learn upper body movement and how you need to use your upper body really getting down and sweep through.  The slow motion viewing and tips along the way are so helpful in this lesson and you will hear how you must achieve the position in two rotations.  You will see how the skater gets down in two rotations then holds for two rotations.  Paige also critiques the second difficult fly and explains how to really get this feature.  Paige explains how the spin will get a V which means less points.  Watching and hearing the rules can be very helpful.

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