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Do you want a higher score, this lesson focuses on just that.  Paige explains the GOE Grade of Execution that can give you extra points in your spins.  This lesson talks about what you need to do to get extra points.  In this very helful 3 minute and 38 second video lesson you will hear very simply what you need to do.

Speed, strong positions, centering, and more than required rotations are a few of the features you will need to get plus GOE for your spins.  Paige explains what will cause you to lose points as well.  The main focus is the combination spin but this applies to all of your spins.  The biggest factor is speed,  Paige explains strength in your positions and how a spin should always gain speed.  You will learn about your wing span and how changing feet is an opportunity to gain speed.

Paige then asks who your favorite skater/spinner is and gets you to try and spin like them.

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Categories: , , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Group, Positions, Technique, Strategy.


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