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This lesson starts with a demonstration and is a spin lesson on the sit back feature.  Paige shows exactly where to grab and how to move into the position.  Paige focuses on getting your butt down and not the head.  In this 3 minute and 36 second video lesson Paige points out the key thing to look at as far as getting low is concerned.  This is critical to achieving this feature.

Now for something cool Paige videos the skaters spin and then plays it back and draws a line so you can see exactly how low the skater is and need to be.  It is so helpful to see this and then the skater knows where they need to be to get this difficult feature that will add points to your score.

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Categories: , , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Breakdown, Technique.


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