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Paige begins this 2 minute and 15 second video lesson on how to complete a 3 turn by stressing the importance of remaining on one foot as you execute the turn. It is important to maintain good balance and body control as we enter, complete and exit the turn.

Paige begins by holding the hands of a student attempting a 3-turn. Paige explains that we begin by stepping into the turn with our weight and pressure over the back of the blade and as we execute the turn our weight and pressure shifts to the front of the blade.

As we begin the turn our arms and shoulders are rotated against the hips, which will help initiate the turn. Once the turn begins, our arms and shoulders rotate in the opposite direction, which will “check”, or stop the trun’s rotation.

You may wonder how the 3-turn got its name. If you examine the tracing your blade leaves on the ice after executing a 3-turn you will see that it is shape resembles the number 3.

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