Backward Inside Counter Turn


Product Description

In this 3 minute and 14 second video lesson, Paul teaches us how to perform a back inside counter turn and  tells us that this turn is among the easiest of the counter turns because the skater maintains an inside edge throughout.

On entry, Paul’s weight will be aligned over the ball of the back inside edge of the blade and his weight will transfer to the back of the inside edge of the blade when exiting the turn. The angle of contact with the ice should not change and the only foot action involves transferring weight from the ball to the back of the blade.

Paul tells us to enter the turn with the hips in an open position, with the knees and the toes of each foot facing away from one another. As Paul exits the turn his legs are together, his knees and toes facing forward. Note that the free leg makes very little movement and should face in the same direction throughout the turn.

Next Paul addresses the upper body. He tells us that the arm and shoulder of his free leg (in this case Paul’s right side) will feel as if they are being pulled back as he enters the turn. As he exits the turn, this will reverse and the pull will be felt in the opposite arm and shoulder. Paul reminds us that though there is very little shoulder movement in this turn, but that the shoulders are key to beginning the rotation of the turn. This is accomplished by positioning the arms and shoulders into the exit position a fraction of a second before the skating foot transfers weight from the ball to the back of the foot and completes the turn.


Categories: , , , Product Coach: Paul Matheson. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Technique, Strategy.