Butterfly Motion With Demonstrations


Product Description

In this 2 minute and 27 second video lesson, Janice Morgan begins by showing on her IPad a demonstration in which a skater begins in a spread-eagle position. The skater then kicks his free leg into the air, remaining lose and bent forward with his upper body. The other leg then follows so that his body is parallel to the ice. The free leg extends upward so the legs are in a “Y” position and then the free leg drops and makes contact with the ice. Then the other leg snaps downward and into position to initiate a back spin.

Next we watch skaters perform two live demonstrations; the first performs a butterfly into a back spin and the second performs a butterfly into a Camel spin, then transitioning into a catch foot spin. Another option is to land in an upright basic position.

Finally, Janice teaches a skater the basics of performing a death drop. She instructs her skater to bend forward and curve around until he hits his toe pick and launches the opposite leg into the air and rotates. Janice encourages her skater to move his arms along with the curved movement and to make sure the skater’s free leg follows the arms so that he will be in the correct position to launch into and complete the death drop.

Categories: , , , , Product Coach: Janice Morgan. Product Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Group, Exercise, Technique.