Camel Catch Camel Forward Variation


Product Description

In this 3 minute and 1 second video lesson Janice Morgan has her skaters practice the camel position while holding onto the boards. Janice stresses the importance of good extension and turn-out, of making sure the free leg is positioned above the hip and the body is forward and the back nicely arched. Janice notes that this is the correct position for both forward and backward camel spins.

Next Janice asked a skater to come out onto the ice and assume the camel position. Janice supports the skater’s frame and has the skater bend her knee, keeping the free leg above her hip. She then has the skater reach back with the arm opposite the free leg and grasp the heel of her skate, transferring into the Camel catch position.

Janice next has the skaters place their arms back and to the side with their palms facing upward and asks them to lift their arms as high as possible. She then has the skaters repeat this with their palms facing downward and we discover that doing this allows greater range of motion with the arm, which makes catching the foot of the free leg much easier.

Janice has the skaters return to the boards and repeat the Camel position, this time grabbing their free leg in the catch position. She then invites the skaters to try to do this while spinning and she provides helpful pointers to those willing to try this move.

Categories: , , Product Coach: Janice Morgan. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Group, Positions.