Combo Spin Speed and Technique


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This lesson focuses on rules and gives tips on how to get more points in your spin.  While a skater executes a level 4 combo spin Paige gives tips on how to move through your positions and stresses the strong ending.

Paige also gives tips on the camel position and placement of your chin, toe and stretch that is needed.  You will see this in slow motion and hear speed building tips as well.  Hear blade placement as spinning on the ball is key to speed and centering.

Changing feet id an important part of every combo spin and in this helpful 1 minute and 25 second lesson Paige talks about opening up before you change to gain balance and helps to get a stronger push. You will also hear how to raise up in the upright straight at the end to create speed.  This also will get you a higher GOE more speed = more rotations = more points.

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