Double Axel Arms On Step


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This lesson focuses on your arms and how you can get stronger take offs and better air position quicker.  This technique will get your arms organized to come back and through at the right time.  You will see the importance of a strong back and entry edge.

You will see the wrists touching and the rhythm that is necessary in slow motion to really get the direction set.  You will see and hear the specific timing to get your take off smooth and even.  There is no pausing and no jerking movements.  This will help you have a strong take off and get into the air tightly so you can rotate with ease.  This 3 minute and 24 second lesson is so helpful on pattern, arms, entry edge and your take off which will also help you land this double axel jump with ease.

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Categories: , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Breakdown, Tips, Technique.


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