Exercise To Create An Outside Edge On Lutz


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Robert Tebby knows the importance of the proper edge execution on the take off of your lutz jump.  He starts with an exercise that helps you get the feeling of what its like to be balanced on your outside edge.  This is a board exercise placing your toe in the ice under your hips, leaning into the boards to create the lean and edge, you will then back up creating the flick on the take off that will happen when you have an outside edge.

You can hear, see and feel the flick, the toe of the foot your standing on will face the boards id it is done properly.  Robert explains exaggerating the edge.  You will then see this great exercise in slow motion.

This is a 2 minute ans 41 second video lesson.


Categories: , Product Coach: Robert Tebby. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Group, Exercise, Technique.

1 review for Exercise To Create An Outside Edge On Lutz

  1. Dorothy

    great easy board exercise! thanks Robert,this will be extremely helpful for students

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