Lutz Jump Exercise Young Skater


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Douglas explains a way to develop young skaters lutz jump properly using a mohawk entry.  This helps the skater cross their feet right away. He explains doing something wrong to get something right.

He uses a slice with the arms to create better lean.  Then you will add two hops.  You will use the mohawk cross in front and try not to over rotate your upper body which can make you feel stuck.  You will make an S shape on the way in and on the way out.  In this very valuable 2 minute and 6 second lesson you will really get the outside edge necessary on the lutz jump so you don’t get an ! or even worse the dreaded “e” for edge call.

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Categories: , Product Coach: Douglas Haw. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Exercise, Technique.


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