Salchow Clapping Exercise


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Douglas Haw teaches a very helpful clapping of your hands exercise. You will see you can add a hop to this exercise as well.  This starts the idea of  drawing your arms together for your double and triple jumps.

This gives you more pressure into the and blade to help you jump.  Douglas talks about getting rotation and how to use your knee and hips.  Douglas compares this take off to walking on the moon if you cannot catch up to your free leg you will never be able to rotate, this is another great visual comparison that skaters and coaches love.

Douglas uses the “h” position on your take off and how this really gets you jumping properly on the salchow jump.

You will then see the exercise in slow motion and normal speed its an easy exercise to execute and can be fun for young skaters too.

Categories: , Product Coach: Douglas Haw. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Exercise, Off Ice, Technique.


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