Salchow Hop Exercise


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This very helpful salchow exercise is 2 minutes and 15 seconds in length.  Douglas uses a hop to help you check the three turn on the entry of your jump.  Skaters will find this helps them get in control and stay in control throughout the take off.  This also as Douglas explains gets you to understand how much weight you need to put into the ice.  He discusses you knee and hip flex-ion.

You will then hear palm placement and arm position.  Doug then discusses the “basket weave” with your arms.  He show how to cross your arms and the proper arm placement throughout your jump.  The left arm is lazy and the right arm will “pull into win”.  You will love Douglass little rhyming tips that will help you always remember the very valuable points he is trying help you learn and of course remember.

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Categories: , Product Coach: Douglas Haw. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Exercise, Technique.


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