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ATTENTION:  As of July 1, 2014  ISU quote a regular backward entry is no longer considered a difficult entry.  You may still use this entrance to build a spin but you will not be awarded a difficult feature for this entrance.

This lesson Mysk8coach feels is still valuable to learn how to create speed and execute this entrance properly, just remember there will not be a difficult feature awarded..

Learn how to execute this feature. You will want to execute 2 outside edges upon entry, as that was a requirment when this feature was a difficult entry so Paige really feels you should do this correctly as judges will be watching for this and it could effect your GOE score. This feature used to be critical in Level 4 spins, now is a way to enter and create a spin.
Paige then teaches how to do this entry and gives great tips on making this feel easy.

Paige then talks about how to snap this entry to create speed. Paige compares this to spinning a top. Then you will learn a very helpful exercise to practice and create more speed on your entry,  The start f a spin is so important to building a great total spin so learn this to really boost your points.

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