Skaters Love Our Video Lessons is such a great resource for anyone involved or interested in the sport of figure skating.  To have specific exercises by top coaches and examples performed by elite skaters at your fingertips can be a great asset, one which I would have loved to have had years ago.  This innovative source will bring a much needed tool to any athlete’s training: a visual.  I have learned first hand the possibility for improvement through visualization and with this skill, the sky is the limit.

I’m going to tell the whole adult ice dance group about your new videos!! As a matter of fact I think I’m going to be your (self appointed!) west coast cheerleader!! Thanks so much again for your great ideas and service!! 🙂

My sk8coach is a dream come true for a coach who is not working in the day to day approach of true competitive atmosphere!! It is motivation, inspiration, and drive to believe in the potential of all athletes who strive to reach their potential. I appreciate the close connection through sk8coach and all the knowledgeable information shared through the Canadian coaching and world wide talent. Keep it up!!  You guys rock!!