Skaters Love Our Video Lessons

I really love mysk8coach because it is so useful and practical. When I’m have a hard time on a skill I use mysk8coach to help me do it right. It really is nice to have all the things I need to know on my Ipad  or Iphone when i go to the rink. I particularly like the free videos too:)  But probably what i like most about mysk8caoch is that it had so many different skill videos. Almost any skill i need to know i can look up on mysk8coach and find it!

Wow – cool! …highly useful in seeing solid examples of the training technique (and interrelationships with various skills – axel/toe/sal for example), and also for seeing examples of how TO do something vs. how to NOT (the presentation video is great at that).

I am thoroughly enjoying and learning from each clip!