Skaters Love Our Video Lessons

“ is one of the best ideas for ice skaters today.   These videos are the perfect adjunct to our regular lessons.  Skaters can stop the action anywhere and see exactly what to do in any move.  We can also take these videos to the rink and use them with our coaches.  And customer service? The best–proactive and friendly, with the skater in mind. If you pass up, you’re missing a great learning tool!”

Wow – cool! …highly useful in seeing solid examples of the training technique (and interrelationships with various skills – axel/toe/sal for example), and also for seeing examples of how TO do something vs. how to NOT (the presentation video is great at that).

My sk8coach is a dream come true for a coach who is not working in the day to day approach of true competitive atmosphere!! It is motivation, inspiration, and drive to believe in the potential of all athletes who strive to reach their potential. I appreciate the close connection through sk8coach and all the knowledgeable information shared through the Canadian coaching and world wide talent. Keep it up!!  You guys rock!!