Backward Inside Bracket Turn Upper Body


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Paul explains in this 3 minute and 28 second video lesson that the backward inside bracket turn is one of the easiest of the bracket turns because the upper body doesn’t have to do very much. You enter and exit the turn facing inside the circle. While there is very little upper body movement, Paul points out that he does feel a little tension in his core and that his left side is pulling back a little bit. Paul then releases that tension prior to the turn and that the tension then moves to the right side. The release allows Paul to get into a position where he is able to show and maintain a strong outside edge.

Next Paul addresses the hips and free leg for this turn. On the entry, Paul’s left (free) leg, hip and knees are quite open, with the free foot slightly behind the skating leg, with the toes of each foot facing in opposite directions.

Once Paul executes the turn, his hips are in a closed position with hips, legs and feet facing the same direction. Notice how the free leg remains still throughout the turn and that it is the skating leg that does the work of going from a backward to forward position.

Remember that if you can avoid extraneous body movement, you will be better able to control the skating foot and repeat the turn with greater consistency. Paul acknowledges that skaters may choose to embellish the free leg position and this is fine. However, Paul maintains that simple is better and that moving or repositioning the free leg often negatively affects the quality of the turn.

the quality of the turn.

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