Backward Outside Loop Common Errors


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Paul begins this 1 minute, 47 second video lesson on how to perform a back outside loop by explaining that one of the most common mistakes skaters make when executing this move is to rise up too early rather than remaining low, which will cause the skater to lose the nice blade pressure they have created on the ice. Another problem that occurs when skaters fail to remain down into the ice is that their rotation keeps going but their blade stops on the ice. The resulting loop will end up being small and “twisty” and the blade will skid and leave snow shavings on the ice. In the worst case scenario, rising up will cause skaters to end up doing a couple of three turns at the end of the move.

Another important point Paul makes is that skaters should remain on the ball of our blade at all times throughout this turn. Failure to do this will result in a tracing that resembles the letter “r”.

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