Camel Spin Replacing Laybacks

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What this lesson concentrates on is how to replace a layback in the short program with a camel spin.  Many skaters have back pain and a layback is not an option for them to execute.  The ISU now allows you to choose a sit spin if your Juvenile, Pre Novice (intermediate) and Novice, Advanced Novice and basic.  Junior you must replace the layback with a camel spin.  This is tricky as it then eliminates a bunch of features that you might need for your flying spin and your combination spin.  Remember only one feature can be used per program so once you use an edge change you cannot be awarded this feature again.  You can do it many times without penalty but you will only be awarded each feature once per program.  The panel will then say USED and it will not be awarded.

Paige takes you through the positions in the camel spin and rotations required to get the highest possible level ion this spin.

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