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This lesson will help you with your combination jumps. The jump foccused on is the toe loop as the second jump.

You can take this valuable jump technique and use it with any jump as your first jump. This lesson is valuable for every skater doing any jump as their first jump. You will see what to do when you land your first jump and how to prepare for the toe loop.

Learn where your body weight should be and hear about your very important arm placement. This is critical to the execution of combination jumps.

You will also learn and see great exercises that you can practice to make doing combinations easy for you.

If you like this lesson you will love combination technique 2. It has some great demonstrations of combination technique with a wally triple toe and a waltz jump triple toe.

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SKU: 0128 Categories: , , Product Coach: Michelle Leigh. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Tips.


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