Counter Exercise For Outside Edge On Lutz


Product Description

Robert Tebby begins by introducing an exercise called a back outside counter in this three minute, two second video lesson. Robert explains that though skaters today have the great good luck of no longer having to master school figures, they often don’t learn the valuable skills that figures taught us. This includes the ability to execute a controlled turn while balanced over a forward, backward, inside or outside edge.

Robert tells the skaters that a back outside counter is actually part of a Lutz jump. We want to have our weight balanced over our back outside edge and create enough torque so that our hips want to release and turn, remaining balanced over the outside edge the entire time.

Robert then demonstrates a back outside counter exercise, explaining that it can even be done on two feet to start. He glides backward on both feet, with his left foot on a solid outside edge. His left arm is extended forward and the right extended backward. He then moves his right foot slightly behind the left, brings his arms through and his right knee up and executes a controlled turn to forward on his back left outside edge. Upon exiting the counter turn the skater should be gliding on a left forward outside edge.

Once the skater has mastered the counter, the next step involves “jumping over” the counter rather than maintaining contact with the ice on the turn. When we do this we are incorporating more of a release like a jump with our leg and creating momentum so that the turn, or rotation occurs in the air. These are great exercises and if skaters can do them properly, then can also perform a Lutz.

Next Robert has skaters try the exercise and reminds them to be sure to have their weight solidly over their back outside edge and to lift slightly off that edge as the knee comes up and around to complete the counter turn. These are all things we want to do when we execute the Lutz jump.

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