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This lesson with our Mind,  and body performance specialist Rebekah helps us with expanding our comfort zone.  In this 3 minute 25 second video lesson Rebekah helps us understand our warm comfortable zone and that we get used to everything about it and by our noticing performance and how our practice can take us one step closer or one step further away from where we want to be.

Have a pen and paper ready for this valuable lesson.  You will be asked to write down your practice and what it looks like every day.  You will then identify how it makes you feel.  Now you will be asked to change it up a bit by jogging skipping, etc. Mixing it up off ice in ways you have maybe never tried.  Then you will be asked to mix up your on ice warm up and how you go about going through your warm up.  You will then become more adaptable, flexible and ready to face any new changes that come your way.  Expanding your practice comfort zone will help you become more adaptable with your behavior as a skater and competitor.

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