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In this lesson Douglas Haw gives details on your toe and arm placement.  Getting this right can make the difference in the jump landing or not.  When you toe Doug compares this to a pole vaulter.  He uses the seat belt position in the air with your arms.  Douglas uses a tornado to give the creating of force in the air to initiate rotation.  He discusses forces and leans that the skater creates in the air.

Douglas then goes into detail about your head turning last.  He uses the double triple and quad example as the higher you go the more you need to pay attention to this detail.

In this 4 min and 15 second packed full of information lesson you also get toe placement detail and how close you need to toe in.  He really discusses the big details with your positions and then does a quick review.  He also tells you the most common errors with your arms the he uses a great rhyme,,,, It’s not a puppet its not a wing, it’s the whole darn thing.

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