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Paul demonstrates a right forward bracket turn in this 3 minute, 25 second video lesson. Paul uses his right foot because it is stronger than his left but the same principles (reversed) apply to the left forward outside bracket. Paul cautions that many skaters find outside brackets to be the most difficult of the bracket turns.

Paul begins the turn by stepping forward onto a strong outside edge, his weight over the back of his blade. Paul notes that a common mistake skaters make is to glide on an outside edge but when they get to the point where they should execute the turn they try to force it and flip to an inside edge and end up instead doing a sort of rocker or even a 3-turn. It is the premature change of edge entering the turn that prevents us from executing a proper outside bracket.

To prevent this mistake, Paul suggests skaters carve a circle into the ice and glide along the tracing on a forward outside edge. While doing this Paul suggests we think about maintaining the outside edge without crossing over into the circle. When we reach the point where the turn should occur, Paul instructs us to shoot our skating foot away from the circle briefly out from underneath ourselves, our toes pointing away from the circle. We then complete the turn by shifting to the ball of the blade and we end up gliding on a back inside edge, aligned once again on the circle tracing.

Paul discusses how our turns might be viewed by judges and that if we make certain to maintain a clear outside angle of contact to the ice on the entry and an equally clear inside angle of contact to the ice on the exit, there will never be a question of whether we have executed the turn correctly.


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