Forward Outside Counter Turn


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In this 4 minute, 4 second video lesson Paul stresses the importance of maintaining a deep edge throughout the turn and that there are no changes of edge in any of the counter turns.

Paul suggests skaters think of each blade as having four sections or quadrants; the ball of the inside and outside edge and the back of the inside and outside edge. In this turn Paul utilizes only two of the quadrants and those are the back of the outside edge on entry and the ball of the inside edge upon exit. The only action the foot will make is to transfer weight from the back of the blade to the ball of the blade.

The turn will begin with a forward glide on a deep outside edge with the hip, knees and legs apart and open with the free leg slightly behind and touching the skating foot. When the turn begins the skating foot remains on a deep outside edge but the body weight will shift to the ball of the blade and on exit the free foot will move in front of the skating foot.

With respect to the upper body, Paul tells skaters they should feel the arm and shoulder of the (left) free foot being pulled back on the entry to the turn and when exiting the turn, skaters should feel the pull in the right arm and shoulder. Paul stresses that the rotation of the turn is initiated by the arms and shoulders ever so slightly before the foot shifts from the back to the ball of the foot.

Some skaters find that when they swing the free leg from back to front going into the turn, it helps them maintain the deep edge we want to see with this turn. Paul cautions that though this is an acceptable variation, the swinging leg does lessen the open hip position on entry. Skaters who choose this option must be certain to initiate shoulder rotation at the proper time and to execute a strong counter rotation of the shoulders on exit in order to “check” or stop the rotation of the turn.

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