Getting From Take Off To Air Position Flip Jump Exercise


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Michelle uses this 2 minute and 15 second video to teach an exercise that will help skaters perform better flip jumps. Michelle begins by having skaters get into their flip jump take-off positions. For counter-clockwise jumpers, the right arm is in back, the left is in front, head is facing to the right and the spin begins on the right (skating) leg with the left (free) leg crossed slightly over and in front in an “h” position. Be sure to reverse each of these positions if you jump and spin clock-wise.

Skaters should spin in this position for one or two rotations. To complete the exercise, several things must occur simultaneously. The skater will pull the arms in tightly against the chest over the skating leg, extend the free leg downward so it is crossed at the ankle on top of the skating leg in the classic back spin position. The head will snap to the opposite side, positioned over the free leg.

Try performing this exercise several times consecutively. To do this you must go directly from the final spin position back to the “open” position you began the exercise with. You will feel like you are drawing in and then extending back out before drawing inward again.



Categories: , Product Coach: Michelle Leigh. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Group, Positions, Exercise.


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