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Rebekah Dixon asks the question ” have you ever thought that you had a jump only to realize that one day you can no longer land it.”

Rebekah works with figure skaters to help train their mind to achieve peak athletic and life performance.

I think you all know what Rebekah is talking about and how this can leave you, your parents and coaches completely frustrated.  This can create a negative story and a block.

In this 2 minute and 47 second lesson we get 3 important steps.

Step 1  Identify the negative story you created about the jump

Step 2  Is to re frame it with positive self talk.

Step 3  Visualize the jump

Rebekah gives helpful techniques that require time and effort, and states it is a practice, the more you can create positive self talk the better you will be at visualization and the better you will be at staying positive and avoiding the blocks.

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  1. Trinette Goarley

    Very clear! Easy to implement advice into training.

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