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In this 2 minute and 38 second video follow-up to the “Single Flip 1” lesson, Michelle stresses the importance of having a strong, stable 3-turn for skaters who use the 3-turn to set up their flip jumps.

Michelle tells us the most consistent method of performing the 3-turn is to begin a short forward glide on the left inside edge with the right leg extended forward and off the ice. The right leg swings from front to back and when it is beside the left leg, it will pick into the ice and provide a nice push forward. At the same time the push occurs, the left foot will transfer to a forward outside edge. As you enter the turn, both arms will be straight out in front and the free leg extended behind in a nice, balanced position. Once you have completed the 3-turn your body is tilted forward slightly, the left arm and leg forward, and the weight over the left knee which is bent slightly. The left arm is low and down toward the ice. Both the right arm and leg are extended backward with the arm held high. If one were to draw a line beginning at the left wrist and ending at the right, the line should be straight and about 45 degrees from horizontal. This places the skater in a good position for the flip take-off.

Michelle shows us how to pick into the ice with the right leg and to immediately begin to pivot. At the same time, the arms come together again at the left shoulder and Michelle lifts off the ice and completes the full rotation before landing.

There are other ways to perform the 3-turn. You can enter the turn with the left arm in front and the right arm extended backward or you can reverse the arms with the right arm in front and the left in back. However, Michelle tells us that the key is to find a method that will allow you to perform the 3-turn successfully every time, even when under pressure. She has found the first method works best for many of her skaters.

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