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Paige begins this 2 minute and 27 second video lesson by pointing out that the flip jump is very similar to the loop jump. She then demonstrates a great exercise where she begins by facing toward the glass so that she can observe her reflection as she moves. These instructions are written for skaters who jump and spin in a counter-clockwise direction. If you jump and spin clockwise, simply reverse the limbs and direction of movement being referenced.

Paige positions herself so that her feet are approximately shoulder width apart, her left arm forward and low, her right arm out to the side. She begins by bending her knees and lowering her arms slightly. She then brings her right arm up and around to the left side so that both wrists are touching and arms are bent slightly and held close to the body. When her arms meet, they should be aligned with her left shoulder. Her head will not move and will be facing over her right shoulder when her arms meet under the left shoulder.

Paige tells us that a mistake many skaters make is to lead with the head as they begin their jumps. Doing this will completely disrupt the take-off, so it is critical that the skater’s head remains aligned with the right shoulder on take-off.

Next Paige discusses pick placement. She advises skaters to pick directly under the buttocks and to rise upward as they pick into the ice. She cautions skaters to avoid reaching too far back when they pick.

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