Triple Flip Pattern And Feet


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This lesson focuses on the pattern of your flip and your feet / toe placement.  This pattern is on a curve which helps you set this jump up in the middle of the ice or at least on blue lines and not in the corners.

Using the Hudl technique you get to see and hear the technique as it happens.  Paige draws lines so you can really see key points and how to execute the flip easily.  keeping a strong back and core is key and you will see this skater really stand up on the set up.  Paige shows how the stretch back is controlled and his toe placement is very good not too far back. In 2 min and 39 seconds Paige then shows head placement and shows some landing tips on your hips and free leg.  Tight feet are also key in the air on all of your jumps.

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Categories: , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Breakdown, Technique.


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