Triple Flip Take Off Exercise Three T’s


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Robert teaches us an exercise he calls Touch-Toe-Turn in this 2 minute and 13 second video lesson that will help skaters with the take-off for their triple flips. The key to this exercise is learning to coordinate your arm, leg and body core movements

We begin in our basic starting position. Our arms are in the letter “L” position, our jumping leg is bent and our picking leg is stretched back and upward until we feel a tightening in our lower back and buttock. We rise up from our knees, we bring the picking leg downward toward the ice and we rotate our core, bringing our arms together, crossed at the wrist and in front of the hip of the skating leg. Our arms should be close to the body, not extended outward. Our head should remain nice and straight

Once the wrists are touching, we will pick our toe into the ice and then we stand up straight on the toe and turn. If you remember the words, “Touch, Toe and Turn”; wrists Touch together, Toe picks into the ice, then body Turns on the toe pick. If you remember the three T’s, you will not forget how to perform this exercise properly.

Robert concludes by reminding us that our arms MUST be in position close to our bodies prior to take-off, as once we’ve left the ice it is too late to draw our arms inward.


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