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Rebekah takes you through visualization techniques and tips on how to use it in your training sessions off the ice. Many top athletes use this every day.  Rebekah talks about research that has bee done on your brain and how it activates the same part of the brain as if you were actually out on the ice doing it.  Its a huge impact and the benefits are endless.  Especially if you are ill or injured.

In this 4 minute 51 second lesson Rebekah recommends you find a quiet comfortable place to visualize.  Limit all distractions, secondly lie down and take some deep breaths to relax.  She then teaches you how to visualize and do it successfully.  Then learn to feel the feelings of success.  Be confident proud and pair the feelings with your visualizations.  Lastly spend time doing this every day.

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Category: Product Coach: Rebekah Dixon. Product Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Exercise, Off Ice, Technique, Strategy.


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