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Douglas How discusses  simple salchow tips and starts with skaters most common mistake and that is spinning the take off.  He then compares the take off to a runway and the take off being too short like a helicopter instead of a 747.  This really gives us a visual and helps you see the difference in this 3 minute 37 second video lesson.

Douglas counts out the timing you need to get the idea of holding the edge after the three turn.  You will get great arm positioning tips as well as free leg positions .

You will then see and hear about the helpful “h” position.  You will hear Douglas talk about patience and the comparison to a sling shot which is another helpful visual aid.

Doug then states how you need to be able to execute a backward inside three turn, if you cannot master this then the salchow will be very difficult.  You will see Doug show this take off close up to really understand what needs to happen throughout your takeoff.

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  1. Dorothy

    excellent technical breakdown of take off…And I never thought about opening right back arm in to an open position,makes sense to keep better check.Thank you

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