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This lesson focuses on the 8 rotation feature/bullet. If properly executed this feature/bullet will increase the level in your spins. Giving you the Sk8er more points!!!

See demonstrations of this feature/bullet as well as different ways to get 2 level features/bullets at the same time.

You will see how doing a difficult variation and holding it for 8 rotations will give you 2 level features. This is a great way to increase the level in your spins and can also increase the GOE as well.

Hear how a simple upright position cannot receive the 8 rotation feature.

ATTENTION: Now you must do a difficult variation in a sit position to receive the 8 rotation feature. The same as the upright position.

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SKU: 0010 Categories: , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Technique.


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