A Jump Within A Spin


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This can be done on the front or back foot
Sit spins are the most popular position for this feature.
Remember to execute two basic position rotations before and after the jump. If there is no sit position achieved on the fly in the air you will not be awarded this feature.

This can be performed once per program the first time it is attempted and combined with other features such as difficult variations.
I prefer the clean lines of basic positions allowing the skater to focus on that much needed tuck.

This is a great way to not use up that valuable 8 rotation feature and you can start in a difficult variation or land in one combining 2 features together.

Practice this on the floor, if you have a mirror even better, you must tuck your free foot under your butt.
Try to place this early in your program when you are not too tired

This feature can be used in flying spins, one position spins, combination spins, so it is a very very helpful feature.
Remember tuck as high as possible to avoid wasting your time.

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SKU: 0015 Categories: , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Off Ice.


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