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In this 4 minute 51 second video lesson you will hear Paul Matheson go into detail about your free foot placement.  Paul likes to have a strong base position before you get too fancy, this can make the execution of the clean turn very difficult.

Paul then review your head position, or placement.  He helps you learn how to stay in control and keep the turn steady and not swingy.

Paul then goes into common errors that can occur such as turn placement being late on our circle.  This can turn it into a three turn.  Not a good idea in step sequences where a proper turn is critical in your level.  He then discusses blade and edge quality.

Paul also talks about your body weight placement helping you with your blade pressure.  All the time Paul is demonstrating this back inside counter and talks about keeping your weight pressed into the ice which will help you execute a clean turn every time.

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1 review for Backward Inside Counter Head Free Foot

  1. Michelle Dubeau

    Does the free leg need to be drawn in for the turn, or can it be checked all the way through the turn. What about the arms? Do they get in the way of the turn or can they help with it.

  2. Paul Matheson

    The free leg does not have to be drawn in, however many skaters find it helpful to do so. As you become more proficient with turns it is a good test to see if you can perform all the turns cleanly without free leg movement and even placing the free leg in difficult positions. Arms are similar in that they can definitely help, but what they end up helping are the shoulders and torso. Provided the skater knows that it’s the shoulders and torso that are the critical pieces to checking, using the arms are helpful. Hope that helps!

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