Backward Inside Rocker Hips Shoulders And Free Foot


Product Description

In this 3 minute 25 second video lesson on how to do a back inside rocker, Paul explains  that as he begins the turn by gliding backward on an inside edge, he feels like his hips are quite closed and he feels like his toes point inward toward each other. As he turns, Paul’s hips transfer to an open position. The free leg does not move much at all and is in contact with and slightly behind the skating foot.

Some skaters like to strike a variety of positions with the free foot but Paul prefers to keep things simple and minimize the free leg movement. Paul believes that by controlling his hips, shoulders and core, keeping his free leg still and keeping his balance over his skating foot, he can better control his skating foot. Paul tells us that if skaters follow these directions and learn to fully control the turn from the entrance through the exit, they are then ready to attempt creative positions with the free leg.

Paul concludes this lesson by addressing proper head position. Going into the turn, the head should be facing over the right (skating foot) shoulder and as you exit the turn your head will face into the circle and slightly to the left. The head can help the skater maintain a deep edge but it is the shoulders that are most important in initiating and checking, or stopping, this turn.

Categories: , , , Product Coach: Paul Matheson. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Tips, Technique.