Backward Outside Rocker Blade Hip And Shoulder Placement


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Paul begins this 3 minute, 53 second video lesson by telling us there will be many similarities between the back inside and outer rockers.

When doing the back outside rocker you should be on a deep outside edge with you weight balanced over the ball of the blade. As you turn, the only change the foot must make is to flip to the back of the blade, being sure to maintain a deep angle to the ice on an outside edge. The hips will be open with the toes of each foot facing in opposite directions as you begin the turn and when you exit the turn both legs will be together, toes facing in the same direction.

Paul finds it helpful for skaters to imagine their blade is divided into quadrants: the ball of the inside edge, the ball of the outside edge, the back of the outside edge and the back of the inside edge. In this turn, we will use only two of these quadrants, the ball and back of the outside edge.

If skaters keep their upper bodies still and balanced over the top of the skating foot they will find they have better control and can more easily control the ball-to-back motion of the blade. As Paul enters the turn his hips and shoulders will be facing outside the circle that the skating foot is tracing into the ice. Note that it is the shoulder movement that initiates the turn immediately before the foot moves from ball to back and it is the shoulder than then checks the rotation of the turn.


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