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In this 4 min and 20 second lesson on combo spins ISU rules you will see and hear the ISU requirements and get great advice on how to stick to the rules and get more points.

This spin has all 3 positions and is a Level 4.  Paige talks about the rotations you need and how to stretch and make more points in GOE.  You will also hear how your knee must be higher than your hip in a camel spin.  You will then see a haircutter which is an upright layback and then a beillmann.  Paige also talks about the rules and requirements on these positions.

Then the skater changes feet to a back sit and Paige show the requirement for the sit spin to count then you will see a non basic position and hear the requirements as well.  Paige uses lines and talks you through what is necessary to get the positions counted.  Paige also talks about the upright straight feature at the end of this spin.  The play by play commentary while you watch the spin will really help you with the ISU rules and you will hear how to get your spin to the maximum level and points.

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