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David Islam focuses on upper body placement when performing cross cuts in this 3 minute and 7 second video lesson. He begins by demonstrating the “neutral” position in which both arms are extended out to each side at approximately shoulder level.

First David has Danny perform crosscuts with his body only slightly rotated toward the circle’s center and the arms extended slightly forward rather than straight to the side. This is how many skaters look when performing cross cuts. David then has Danny repeat the same exercise but this time Danny’s body is more strongly rotated toward the center of the circle and his arms are held straight to each side at shoulder height. Not only do these changes look better, the assist with power and control.

David summarizes by stressing that though we need to keep our core rotated, it is extremely important that both arms are straight to the side so that if one were to draw an imaginary line from the fingertips of one hand, through the chest, to the fingertips of the other, that line would be straight.

Category: Product Coach: David Islam. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Breakdown, Tips.

1 review for Cross Cut Technique Upper Body

  1. sharon crowe

    Mariposa teaches the best cross-cuts I’ve ever seen. This creates a strong foundation which makes everything else in skating possible!

  2. Paul Matheson

    Thanks Sharon!!!!

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