Forward Outside Bracket Upper Body


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Paul uses this 3 minute, 46 second video lesson to focus on the role the upper body plays in completing a forward outside bracket turn.

Going into the turn, Paul’s head, upper body and core will be facing outside the circle as he glides on a forward outside edge. As Paul executes the turn he makes sure that his upper body faces away from the circle. Paul describes feeling his left arm and shoulder pulling backward as he enters the turn and on exit his right side start to pull back. As with other turns, Paul strives to ensure that his upper body moves into position before the foot makes the turn and then assumes into the correct position to prepare for the turn’s exit, as it provides the “check” that stops the rotation of the turn.

Paul cautions that while some skaters turn too early, many more tend to turn too late.

Paul demonstrates how his hips are open, the foot of his free leg is behind and resting against the skating foot, and the toes of each foot face in opposite directions at the entrance of the turn. As he exits the turn, his hips are closed, his legs are close together and facing forward with his free leg in front, rather than in back of his skating leg. Paul explains that some skaters may want to experiment with different free foot positions and as long as they don’t interfere with the execution of a technically sound and well performed bracket this is not a problem. Paul tells us that some skaters find it easier to enter the turn with the free leg in front and this is acceptable technique as long as the free foot doesn’t end up behind on the turn’s exit.


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