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Paul uses this 3 minute, 11 second video lesson to help skaters understand how essential it is to maintain a strong angle (or edge) to the ice and the factors that can prevent this from happening. Skaters can carve a circle into the ice if they are unable to imagine it.

Begin by skating along the outside of the circle on a strong forward outside edge. When you reach the top of the circle and are ready to turn, think about the shape of the tracing your blade will create on the ice. Rather than turning into the circle, you will want your foot to slide away from the circle’s center. Paul describes this as shooting the skating foot out and then pulling it back, which will help guarantee your counter is on top of the circle, that you maintain that outside edge and that you don’t end up doing a 3-turn.

For a brief moment, your weight will not be balanced squarely over the top of the skating foot as it shoots out but if you shift your weight so that it is slightly beyond the outside edge of the blade you can more easily maintain your balance and alignment.

Paul goes on to discuss head position, which is not as important when entering the turn, but aligning your head over the shoulder of the skating foot will really help you to check the rotation and keep your upper body in the correct position.

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  1. INMA

    Excellent video, but I think it would help if counters were placed using lines, so we could understand what “top of the circle” means or exactly where to turn. At my rink, we always start learning turns from a line, so we can see the pattern on the ice and see how we do our lobes or semicircles.

  2. Paul Matheson

    Great point, we do the same here all the time and it helps immensely!

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