Forward Twizzle Exercise Both Directions


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Robert Tebby begins this 2 minute and 48 second video lesson by instructing skaters to perform this exercise down one side of the rink and then coast around the end curve before performing the exercise down the other side.

Robert instructs skaters to begin this exercise in the “L” position: two feet on the ice about a hip length apart, left arm extended forward and right arm extended out to the side. The head should be facing forward and skaters should choose a point at the end of the rink to focus upon. Robert begins by rotating his core toward the left side and brings his arms in toward the body so they make contact and his right arm is in line with his chin. As this happens he picks up his left foot and performs a single twizzle. As he exits the twizzle his arms are again in the letter “L” position, but this time the arms are reversed; the right arm is extended forward and left arm is out to the side. He then repeats the twizzle, this time turning in the opposite direction.

Robert reassures skaters that depending on the direction in which they spin and jump, (clockwise versus counterclockwise) the twizzle will feel awkward when done in the opposite direction. However, Robert stresses the importance on training ourselves to perform the twizzle equally well in both directions.

As this exercise is repeated, it is important that when each twizzle has been completed the head is facing forward and focused on the chosen point.

As the skater begins to feel comfortable performing this exercise, he or she should try to “double up” and perform two twizzles in one direction before performing two in the opposite. Common mistakes skaters make when attempting doubles are that their heads drop downward, their feet become wider apart as they turn, and their path down the ice becomes curvier. To remedy these mistakes, make certain that the head is up and facing straight forward and that it is in straight alignment with the skating foot.

Robert ends the exercise by showing his skaters a demonstration performed by Chris, noting that in the beginning Chris had difficulty with one side but with practice has mastered doubles equally well in both directions.

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  1. Nathan

    Andy, you are SO on the money with this. As an adult skater who only began loessns in my mid-thirties, I used to practice jump, jump, jump every time I was out on the ice. The jumps came easily to me (I had my axel and a couple of doubles!) so I neglected the in betweens . Long story short I am 55 years old now and had a total knee replacement last year on my jumping knee. No more jumping for me! (Ok, maybe a waltz jump when I just HAVE to jump). LOL. But I never rested enough. And now? I am beginning ice dancing and guess what? All those in-betweens that I neglected all those years I am working on them now! It’s like I could jump and spin, but I couldn’t skate . So now I am learning to skate . And what a thrill to actually learn to control my edges! Skating without jumping! What a novel idea! hahaha.

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