Level 4 Combo Spin No V

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You need to have all 3 basic potions to avoid a V in your combination spin.  So that is a camel, sit and an upright.  They can have difficult features or just be in the basic position.  So if you have the positions planned and you find yourself still getting a V it is because your not holding the position for a FULL 2 rotations.  Skaters have a herd time counting the rotations because the think they are in the position much earlier than the judges|tec specialists agree.

Paige explains this and will explain how to count and some required information that is helpful in the positions.  For example your knee must be higher than your hip in a camel spin and it must be for two full rotations. This spin has a camel, sit, upright forward, non basic, a back sit with a difficult fly finished with an upright straight.

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