Upright Layback Feature Paige Aistrop


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Paige starts by using the boards to help the skater get comfortable with the haircutter position.  Paige gives specific detail to how to grab and when to lean back.  gets the skater to stand up straight then catch your foot and then lean into the position.  You see demonstrations in this 4 minute and 29 second lesson.

Paige then talks about your hip placement and how straight your spinning leg must be.  Paige then talks about your arm placement.  Paige also talks about feeling the tension throughout this spin,  You will see the skater improve her position as the lesson continues.  Paige also talks about spinning on the ball of your foot which is key in all spins.

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Categories: , , Product Coach: Paige Aistrop. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Positions, Tips, Technique.


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