Goal Setting and Maintaining the Motivation to Achieve Part 2


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In this 3 minute and 28 second video lesson Rebekah leads us through a series of steps necessary to create and maintain motivation which is critical in your training.

Step 1.  Setting Your Performance Goal

Rebekah explains how you need to be specific about you want to achieve.  Example know what levels you want to get and what jumps you want to land.

Step 2.  Identify the Action Steps.

Set realistic action steps you will do on a daily basis.  Example I will do two off ice jump classes, maybe  even action steps that take you out of your comfort zone.

Step 3.  Visualize the Achievement

Visualize the achieved goal how you will see, feel, how it will taste touch.

Step 4.  Identify Feeling

How will achieving this goal make you feel.  Practice how you will feel if you achieve all of your performance goals.

Rebekah then talks about the script which is a tool that communicates directly with your unconscious mind, it helps to create the motivation around your action steps.

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