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Rebekah educates skaters and coaches on the power of training the mind. Rebekah works one on one and in groups so you can achieve peak athletic performance by improving your mental game.

Rebekah has created a tool to help improve your practice.  She believes practice creates performance.  The practice goal setting template will help you improve your practice which will help your performance.  This will help you be more positive, more purpose driven and more productive.

You will see the mind body performance practice goal setting template.  Rebekah explains how to use this template.  This involves setting goals on this template.  Then she gives an example of a goal to set such as a double flip and rotating this jump.  Then there is a time frame which can be attempts like 10.  Out of 10 I would like to rotate 3 of 10.  Then did I achieve this, so she suggests to look at the tracings to see if you have achieved this goal.

Then there is a question did you achieve your goal yes or no. Then there is a legend on the bottom.  Rebekah includes access to a link so you can get this template and you can also subscribe to her newsletter FREE. Thank you Rebekah for this 4 minute 9 second brain in the game lesson.



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