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In this lesson Paige focuses on how to Plus in your spin.  This means in Paige’s opinion you must be better than perfect.  A good spin will get full points to get pluses you must be better than good, faster, and get more than required rotations.

Paige talks about only doing 2 features per side as that is all that is allowed.  The key is holding for 2 rotations but Paige wants extra.  Paige also wants the spin to gain speed throughout each position.  She also talks about the importance of gaining speed and staying centered when you change feet.  The use of the more difficult features such as the hair cutter and beillmann can also increase pluses.

Paige also talks about getting all 3 basic positions in your combo spin to get more points.  So camel, sit, and upright must be executed.  This lesson is 2 min and 20 seconds.

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