Recreating A Successful Performance


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Rebekah empowers skaters, and coaches with the tools to train their mind and to create peak athletic performance.

Rebekah uses the scenario of a competition that is successful and you achieve your goals and skated great and had a personal best.  So now what.  Quite often when we have a great or good skate we don’t take the time to figure out what helped make the good skate happen.  What came before during and after the performance.

Rebekah uses a mind map.  Put the successful performance in the middle and all around are the factors that contribute to the success.  Its everything you do before during and after the competition.  She gives examples as the favorite coach, great snacks etc.  Once you identify these factors you then need to determine if these are factors you can or cannot control.  The uncontrollable ones such as the coach with you, the size, temperature of the arena etc.  These are factors in this 4 min 4 second lesson that you cannot control.  You need to identify the feeling these factors create.

See how this helps you to better understand your performance and as always” Keep your Brain in the Game”!!!!

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Category: Product Coach: Rebekah Dixon. Product Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced. Product Lesson Type: Private, Off Ice, Tips, Technique, Strategy.


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