When Your Name is Announced


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When Your Name is Announced
In this lesson you will learn what to do when your name is announced at a skating competition.

This is very helpful information and gives ISU requirements on the amount of time you have after your name is announced.

Learn from an Olympic and World Championship competitor and hear tips on making the most of this very precious time…

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SKU: 0608 Category: Product Coach: Tugba Karademir. Product Skill Level: Intermediate. Product Lesson Type: Private, Tips.

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  1. Josee Foster

    I can hardly imagine having to wait 15 minutes! Waita go Tugba. But this is helpful advice. Once your name is announced there is nothing you can change. You’re out there, you’re (hopefully) well trained, and now is your time to shine… Letting minimal thoughts come into your head, like she said about not having too many key words, is probably your best bet. I’m glad to know you have 1 minute to get to your spot. That’s a very helpful piece of information!

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